Embodying the “tradition, knowledge, and long-standing experience” of the Queisser Pharma Group (Germany), Doppelherz proudly stands as a global brand with over 120 years of development in the healthcare industry. More than just a brand, Doppelherz represents prestige and quality. Doppelherz has asserted its leading position in Germany and many other countries, becoming a reliable health companion for millions of families worldwide.

Doppelherz offers a variety of high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and special nutrients for an active and healthy lifestyle.

In Vietnam, Doppelherz is gradually affirming its position as a leading brand in the imported nutraceutical and OTC drug market. With a nationwide distribution system, we are gaining increasing trust from the market, promising to become a reliable health companion for Vietnamese people.

Here you can find out more about the success story of Doppelherz:

1890 – 1920

The Establishment of Doppelherz


Pharmacist Alfred Queisser established the Queisser company in Hamburg.


Chemist Josef Peter Hennes developed the Doppelherz Energy Tonic formula in Essen, Germany. This tonic, made from herbs and other natural extracts, became the first product under the Doppelherz brand.


Hennes merged with Queisser’s company, and Doppelherz became a brand of Queisser Pharma, a position it holds to this day.

1920 – 1960

Doppelherz Tonic – A symbol of Health and Happiness


Doppelherz Tonic was first distributed and registered as a trademark.


Doppelherz Tonic experienced rapid growth thanks to extensive marketing campaigns. The brand’s iconic logo, featuring two hearts, have been a symbol of life, health, and happiness for millions of people.

1980 – 2000

Remarkable Advertising Campaigns and Expansion into new territories


Doppelherz Tonic made its historical debut on German television. The TV advertising campaign, which run for several years, quickly gain widespread popularity and customer appreciation.


The Doppelherz brand expanded beyond Germany, reaching customers in Eastern European countries such as Poland, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Baltic states.


Expending the Product Line

Guided by the motto “everything your heart desires”, Doppelherz expands its product range in 2020. The brand becomes a leader in the herbal extract, vitamin and mineral, and Omega-3 product categories.

Doppelherz – Nurturing the Well-being of Families Worldwide

Our journey began with pioneering products that supported cardiovascular health and vitality. Since then, we have never stopped innovating and expanding, introducing a wide variety of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals tailored to the needs of every family member. Some of our most distinguished offerings include: A-Z Depot, Collagen Max, Kinder Optima,…

Doppelherz – A Global Brand Trusted by Customers Worldwide

Today, Doppelherz products are not only available in Germany and throughout Europe, but are also cherished by customers across the globe. Doppelherz has became a global brand renowned for its exceptional quality. We have consistently held the Number 1 market share for vitamins and minerals in Germany and Europe for many years (According to Nielsen market track).